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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Day 1945: It could be Bunnies


A bank holiday today, which means Daddy Richard lounging around my flat like he owns the place!

My Daddies decided to watch something with cheesy music, doughy plasticine features and slightly iffy claim to be environmentally friendly.

No, it wasn't Mr Balloon's latest somewhat nauseating "vote blue, go greed, get the chauffeur to drive your shoes to work" election broadcast. Daddy Alex thought that Mr Balloon was quite effective, but Daddy Richard remembered what Mr Boy George Osbourne had said on Newsnight: you can't judge Mr Balloon by his poor performance in the Budget debate / on the Today programme with Mr Humpy – he is much better when he can control the audience, look how well he did at the Conservatory conference. Hmmm. Mr Balloon does seem to get CROSS-PATCHY when asked actual questions by actual people.

Anyway, it wasn't that, it was "Wallace & Gromit – the Curse of the Were-Rabbit" and I am very glad that they did because it was VERY FUNNY and laughter is good for you.

In case you do not know, Wallace is an INVENTOR.

He seems to do this mostly for FUN rather than to get rich, as his only desires in life appear to be the acquisition of CHEESE. Especially WENSLEYDALE (which Daddy Richard likes VERY much too).

Gromit is Wallace's DOG and so obviously Gromit is MUCH cleverer that Wallace and usually has to do all the hard work, like making things, catching baddies and saving Wallace from his inventions.

In their previous adventures, Wallace & Gromit have travelled to the MOON for CHEESE (I have been there TOO! But the Clangers did not give ME any cheese!); taken in a LODGER who turned out to be a diamond-robbing PENGUIN in disguise; and saved SHEEP from being turned into PIES.

In this adventure, Wallace has turned his hand to HUMANE PEST CONTROL. This means vacuuming up BUNNIES to you and me! With the local GIANT VEGETABLE contest being held at TOTTINGTON HALL this week, bunnies are the greatest threat facing Wallace's fellow villagers, at least until a terrible brain-washing accident leads to the arrival of… the BEAST.

The other village folk include the delectable LADY TOTTINGTON – work out for yourself what her SPECIAL friends are allowed to call her; follicly-challenged rogue, Victor Quatermaine – he'll stop at nothing to make a killing, unless it includes giving up shooting the bunnies; geriatric Mrs Mulch and her beloved giant pumpkin – propelled in a perambulator; and PC Mackintosh who thinks they're all barking.

Thanks to Wallace's AMAZING technology (and Gromit's dogged determination) so far the bunnies have been kept at bay. Not to mention in Wallace's cellar. But now they face the ultimate challenge, something fluffy and bouncy and altogether HUGE. And it's HUNGRY…

The film is only 80 minutes long, but you cannot blame them for that because it must be an AWFUL effort to make all though plasticine people move one frame at a time for even that long. And every minute has been crammed full of laugh-out-loud slapstick humour, and every frame includes clever puns (some REAL groaners) for the sharp eyed too. Daddy almost fell off the sofa laughing at such moments as Victor recovering his "dignity" from the Bunvac; Wallace's "alluring" bait for the Were-Rabbit; or Gromit's climactic Dogfight with Victor's sidekick bloodhound Philip.

All in all, the BEST workout for a Bank Holiday afternoon.

Oh, and it won an Oscar too!

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