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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Day 1946: Snobbery


I apologise for going into a FLUFFY TEMPER today, but this is starting to get my goat.

The Minister for Magical Accidents is a nasty bully who serves no readily apparent purpose beyond making the Old Labour think that they are a part of Lord Blairimort's government.

He has done something BAD. Possibly more than one something BAD. But it ought to be a personal and private matter for HIM and his FAMILY and, er, his OTHER family to work out.

This should be a private matter NOT because he is SPECIAL but because EVERYONE deserves a bit of human dignity when they TROLLEY their relationships.

But that is NOT the excuse that the Labour are using. No, because if they did, then it would be OBVIOUS that they are being HYPOCRITICAL, because they DON'T give anyone else that kind of private dignity if they can use it against them.

So, if anyone says MAYBE it is a BIT WRONG that the Minister and his secretary were BEING NAUGHTY, like PLAYING TIDDLY-WINKS when they should have been… what DOES the Minister of Magical Accidents DO? …in the OFFICE in WORK HOURS then we are told that they are being a SNOB.

EXCUSE ME but how actually PATRONISING is that!

{posh voice}Look, y'know. I'm a pretty straight kind of a guy, but you've got to forgive these working class types; they can't help their baser instincts. If John is going to play Tiddly-winks, then he’s going to play Tiddly-winks. Criticising him for going over the side is pure snobbery, y'know.{/posh voice}

Well it seems to me that the Minister HIMSELF was not above a bit of "SNOBBERY" when it was Conservatories doing something bad; and nobody said it was SNOBBISH to ridicule the Liberal Democrat Mark Oaten for his doing something bad.

(And didn't those people RESIGN in order to try and REPAIR the damage that they did to their lives in their own time and out of the PUBLIC EYE?)

So WHY do the LABOUR think that THEY are SO SPECIAL that they have an excuse?

Is it supposed to be OKAY to make endless fun at the expense of MIDDLE CLASS people but (faux) WORKING CLASS like the Magical Minister are untouchable. (Exactly HOW working class are you when you work all day in a plush office, have a ministerial car and driver and take home a salary of £130,347, anyway?)

Snobbery is to treat people DIFFERENTLY because of their (perceived) class. So letting the Magical Minister off lightly THAT would be the TRUE SNOBBISHNESS.


Can someone PLEASE tell the Labour Ministers that if you are "Considering Your Position" it means you actually RESIGN!
NOBODY "Considering Their Position" is supposed to just think about it and say "well, shall I? shan't I? oh well on balance maybe not."

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