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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 2860: Beautiful Person


Today it is Daddy Alex's birthday!

We will probably be spending the evening IN watching all of the new DVDs that we have bought for him, though we will make an interruption at 9.30pm to turn over to BBC2 for the camp comedy "Beautiful People".

Every week, Mr Simon sees something in the window of his shop which reminds him of a story which he then proceeds to tell through flashbacks, with songs and dances and moments of brightly coloured pictures, before coming to a surprise conclusion… hang on, this is the plot of BAGPUSS!

Anyway, we like this very much so it is BOUND to be CANCELLED! So enjoy it while you can.

Happy Birthday Daddy!


Costigan Quist said...

Happy birthday, Alex. Try to remember to eat somewhere in your DVD-watching marathon.

Richard Gadsden said...

Costigan, I expect there will be chocolate.