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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 2851: Politics 101 – Don't Mess with the Prince of Darkness


If you are going to go after that arch-manipulator Mr Mandy Mandelbrot you should almost certainly start by NOT being Gideon Oboe.

Already we have seen his laughably poor effort to get away with leaking a private conversation in which he was the only other person present. Hmmm, who could it be, Scooby?

Apparently in retaliation* for Master Oboe getting caught by his own stupidity (again!) the Conservatories had the dogs set on Mr Mandelbrot's meeting with Russian billionaire Mr Oleg Deeplysuspect.

All very PETTY, really.

Until it turns out that the CONSERVATORIES are in the same boat. Literally. Mr Oboe has been spotted taking a cruise on Mr Deeplysuspect's yacht, and – ALEGEDLY – putting the touch on the Russian Oligarch for FIFTY GRAND.

*Don't just take MY fluffy word for it: Mr Nick "mouth of Dave" Robinson on the BBC was saying that he's been resisting pressure from Conservatory press office to make more of Mr Mandelbrot's "conflict of interest".

The Conservatories have denied everything.

Well, they would have to wouldn’t they, what with getting political donations from foreign citizens being ILLEGAL and funnelling it through UK front companies being ILLEGAL.

Unfortunatly, according to the The Today programme, Mr Rothschild has a witness who will testify to the truth of his allegations, which is why the Times went ahead and published his letter in the face of Conservatory bullying threats to SUE.

I hope that they DO sue – and so the facts can be properly examined and the truth uncovered. And if the allegation IS true, then it's OBVIOUSLY a resignation matter.

It's just yet another example of Master Oboe – and perhaps the Conservatories as a whole – thinking that the rules just don't apply to them.

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