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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Day 3621 (again): Happy Saint Andrew's Day – Have a Scotland Bill and Some Real McCoy


It is the feast day of Mr Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of Scotland on account of what was left of him allegedly being smuggled there from Constantinople and buried in, appropriately enough, St Andrews. He was done in by the Romans – not the ONLY Andrew to be crucified on this day – on an X-shaped cross, hence the Scottish saltire-shaped flag.

Meanwhile, here is Auntie Caron on the Lib Dem WIN for Scotland in the Scotland Bill.

And here is the ONLY Dr Woo from Scotland (hush your mockney mouth Mr Dr David), the amazing Mr Dr Sylv, keeping shtum about his secret role in "The Hobbit" (he's playing Radagast the Brown; don't tell anyone) but making a big noise about hoping to return to the series for the Fiftieth Anniversay in 2013 for "The Eight Living and some CGI revenants Eleven Doctors".

(Though, personally, I suspect it will be EASIER to get Mr Billy, Mr Pat and Mr Jon to appear than it will be to get Dr Eccythump back in the TARDIS!)

I do hope Mr Dr Sylv DOES get to appear in the Anniversary adventure. It would be – forgive me – ACE!

And a Happy Mr Saint Andrew's Day, to all of you at home!


Jennie said...

"The Eight Living and some CGI revenants Eleven Doctors"

I so want to see that.

Caron said...

That would be amazing.

But Mr Dr David is from Bathgate, just up the road from me. So he is Scottish.

I just love Sylvester McCoy, though. I know it's not fashionable to do so, but I loved him and Ace.

And thank you for the link:-)

Millennium Dome said...

Oh Auntie Caron!

Mr David Tennant the gentleman and actor is from Scotlandland

But Mr Dr David doesn't do the accent!

Only Mr Dr Sylv is proud to play Dr Woo with a tartan tongue!