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Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 3029: Cassandra Cable?


Mr Vince "the Power" Cable was on the The Today Programme this morning… just barely.

He was there with an important WARNING about the regulation (or LACK thereof) of Building Societies and they SQUEEZED him in in between Mr Humpy's report on "My Nice Holiday in South Africa" and the funny "Are archaeologists going to dig up Cleopatra's ASP?" story.

Look, I KNOW that the financial crisis is a bit wearisome by now, what with the unrelenting MISERY of it all being a bit, well, MISERABLE.

But really, you would think people would take Mr Vince's warnings a BIT seriously. It's not like his warning about too much DEBT hasn't been QUITE A LOT proved COMPLETELY RIGHT!

I am reminded of the TROJAN PRINCESS Cassandra whose prophetic warnings were ignored resulting in the fall of TROY.

Mr Vince says "Whoa!" to more debt – and they should have said "Whoa" to that WOODEN HORSE too!

(That joke copyright Doctor Woo and the Mythmakers)



Richard Gadsden said...

Cassandra was Greek, not Trojan

Millennium Dome said...

Ummm, she was the daughter of King Priam of Troy

Wackypaedia agrees