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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 2785: The Genius of Ms Mortimer…


…is that she guessed my FAVOURITE diary of the year without being told!

Day 2466: EXCLUSIVE: Millennium Meets Mr Balloon: the Interview

Who can challenge the wisdom of a lady with such PERSPICACITY!

It is obvious to everyone that she is going to win this year's Blogger of the Year Award. So that is why I am nonimating… Daddy Alex*.

Oh, I am SUCH a naughty gonk!

I do hope you'll vote for me anyway!

Meanwhile, Daddy has suggested that we all do his TONS OF FUN meme, the awards you cannot lose 'cos you award them to YOURSELF.

If you are going to recommend ONE Fluffy Diary, please recommend my Interview with Mr Balloon. It's my favourite!

But if you're going to see TWO… no wait, that's Austin Powers…

Having already picked that one as my overall winner, I should like to nonimate a post each for each of my other ARCH-ENEMIES…

Mr Frown:

Day 2681: Görd-erdämmerung (Twilight of the Frown)

Master Gideon Oboe:

Day 2661: Gideon Goes for Gordon

and His Worship, the Beardy Weirdy of Canterbury:

Day 2597: Every Burkha has a Silver Lining

Then, on a more positive note, something about DOCTOR WHO; this one which was particularly praised by Daddy:

Day 2462: Mysteries of Doctor Who #12: Who sends the Doctor after the Key to Time.

But there are also one whole GROUP of diaries that I am particularly proud to have got:

Day 2501: The Leadership Interview… Chris Huhne meets Millennium (and some other people)
Day 2514: The Leadership Interview… Nick Clegg meets Millennium (and some other people)

Day 2528: Lessons in Leadership: Millennium Elephant talks to Dr Vince Cable MP

Day 2614: Man of the Moment: Ed Davey meets Millennium Elephant (and some other people)

Day 2641: Millennium Elephant meets Ron the Dinosaur (oh and Mr Danny Alexander and some other people)

Day 2684: A Hundred (and-forty-one) Days of Mr Clogg

Day 2759: Liberal Youths: Millennium Elephant (8*) talks to Ali Wood (15) and George Duffett (12). And of course Ms Jo Swinson (28)

And the one that even made it to the Grauniad:

Day 2543: Nick Clegg: His Hand on My Bottom
Day 2544: The Pat of Power
*Of COURSE I shall nonimate Citizen Alix as well; what sort of a soft toy do you think I am!

This has been (thanks to some SERIOUS catch-up back-posting) my NINE HUNDREDTH fluffy diary, and was brought to you by the miracle of Daddy's TONS OF FUN meme!

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