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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day 2136: Follow My Leader


New news from festering sore of hate and recrimination that is the Labour Leadership – and the hot question is: "who is going to throw down their political life just so that Mr Frown can crushingly defeat them?"

Alan Johnson says "it's not going to be me, guv!" and he's probably going to be backing Mr Frown… while subtly suggesting it's up to that nice Mr Dr Reid to challenge for the leadership.

Nice Mr Dr John Reid says: "I shall never surrender and on those terms I surrender the leadership to Gordon."

And Tangerine Toned Turncoat, Mr Peter Hain summed up the party mood that there ought to be a proper democratic contest: "We'd prefer a coronation," he said.

Meanwhile, the Labour's leader in Scotland, Jack McConnell, signalled the undying support of the highlands for the beloved Lord Blairimort: "Tony, don't go until you can take the blame for next May's disaster", was their rallying cry.

Ahh, unity.

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