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Monday, March 04, 2013

Day 4444: Let's Do the Conservatory Time Warp. Again.


Mr Balloon: It's NOT just a lurch to the right!

Ms Theresa "Hands on her hips?" Nuts-in-May: Let's ban IMMIGRANTS!

Minister of Justice Chris "Penal? Thrust" Grayling: Let's abolish HUMAN RIGHTS!

Mr "I've been driven Insane" Balloon: Conservatories will stick to our guns. And speaking of guns... how about shooting some burglars?

In related news, Mr William Vague says: "We, ahh-ahh, cannot rule out ahh-ahh-arming rebels in the future..."

"...particularly," he might have added, "if they've, ahh-ahh, travelled back in time from, ahh-ahh, the future war with the Internet."

Mr Nigel Farrago said: "I vill take the Conservatory's clothes, their money and their motocycle..." after appearing NAKED... to anyone looking at his policies.

I'm sorry, that should read "after appearing by timey-wimey effect", obviously. NO ONE wants to see Mr Farrago Naked! Naked racism. Naked homophobia. Naked msogny. NO ONE wants to see THAT!

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