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Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 4362: Public Service Announcement: Do NOT Hire John Brown Advertising


Please read Mr Andrew Hickey's diary: Do Not Hire John Brown Advertising.

They have COPIED pieces of his diary without permission and even worse DUMBED THEM DOWN.

To add (literal) insult to (criminal) injury, someone calling themselves John Brown has then posted comments in reply, starting with a false excuse claiming to have e-mailed (to the wrong address and then, getting no reply, used Mr Andrew's work without permission anyway), and escalating to... well, you'll have to see.

If this person is supposed to be in ADVERTISING, this is well into "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" territory.

The LAW on COPYRIGHT in Great Britain is actually remarkably simple: if YOU create a piece of work (writing, art, music, television and so on) then YOU own the copyright. You don't need to DO anything; the right is yours AUTOMATICALLY.

If you're working as part of a COMPANY when you create the work, then the WHOLE COMPANY owns the work. e.g. episodes of Doctor Woo are the copyright of the BBC and not the individual actors or director.

BUT if you're SUBCONTRACTED or FREELANCE though – like the WRITERS of Doctor Woo – then, once again, the copyright is YOURS. This lead to a lot of trouble with the DALEKS. Notorious copyright infringers, those dustbins.

The ONLY exception is if you are COPYING someone else's work. You DO NOT get a copyright on a copy.

And that is where we came in.

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