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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Day 4329: Hope. Again.


If you're NOT exhausted by voting yet, you've still got an HOUR to vote in the Liberal Democrats Federal Elections: a last chance to give a first preference to Richard Flowers for the FPC!

Can we also say HUGE thank yous to everyone who has voted already, especially to those who gave a "Richard Flowers" first preference!

Meanwhile, thank Americaland and thank goodness, President Barry O has been re-elected.

We may not be too happy about him EXPLODING bits of Pakistan and Afghanistan with robot drones BUT... robot drones IS an accurate description of his opponent making a speech.

Running on a platform of "we NUKED the economy SO HARD that the other guy hasn't been able to fix it in four years... so give us another go!" never deserved to be rewarded with the Presidency (take note Hard Labour). And yet it seemed to be gaining BIZARRE traction. Ironically, it's all the FRUIT-BAT CULTURE WARS nonsense that he had to spout about abortion and gay daddies just so that the Tea Party faction would let him on the ticket that has cost him the election.

And it's NICE that he's united the young and the old, the women and the ethnic minorities all under one banner of "DEAR LORD, NOOOOOOOO!" Maybe next time get them on HIS side, though.

The Replutocrats tried to steel the Dumbocrats "change" clothing, but what we've seen is a vote to let Barry O FINISH THE JOB of change that only began in 2008.

So it's CONGRATULATIONS to Barry O who now returns to the White House and COMMISERATIONS to the Mitt-bot 5000 who will now be put back in his factory packaging and have his hard drive formatted.

And over in China...

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