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Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 4044: Duck and Cover! This Asteroid is Close Enough to Land a Lego Man on It!


If you're reading this at all, then snappily-named asteroid 2012-BX34 has probably NOT smashed into the Earth obliterating what we laughingly describe as "civilisation".

Or possibly: "hello to our new cockroach overlords!"

Anyway, just time before closest approach / impact at 1600 GMT to congratulate the Canadian students who managed to get a man into space. OK, he was a LEGO man, but you can't not give 'em credit for that!

And while I'm talking SPACE, if you STILL need convincing about a British Space Programme... do you REALLY want the NEO-CONS turning the MOON into a DEATH STAR?!

Run VT!


1 comment:

Richard Gadsden said...

Have you seen PARIS?

The Paper Aircraft Released Into Space?

With a Playmonaut as pilot?