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Sunday, September 18, 2011



For technical reasons, it appears that already being me means it couldn't be me again. Or something. Which sounds like a very silly rule to me.

Thank goodness, then, that my DADDY ALEX wrote SUCH A GOOD POST about how all the Conservatories are just FROTHING at the mouth with how much the Coalition is really a LIB-DEM-LED government that he was given the shiny BOTY for bestest individual post. Wot he has deserved for absolutely AGES.

So we are STILL an award winning HOUSEHOLD!

My campaign to be nonimated blogger of the year again NEXT year begins HERE!

Seriously, though, huge congratulations to all of the winners in all of the categories, but especially congratulations to the four short-listers for AWARD-WINNING ELEPHANT AWARD OF THE YEAR AWARD:

Mr Matthew Gibson

Auntie Caron

Mr Neil Monnery


Mr Nick Thornsby

who between them demonstrate four very excitingly different and good ways of blogging, be it: in depth policy focus, accentuating the positive and the workable; personal campaigning with breadth and immediacy; proper journalism in the sense of keeping a daily diary journal, of personal and sometimes whimsical thought; and on the spot reportage and some fine economic analysis.

Really all four deserve to be award winners, but on the night the prize went to…

The Very Fluffy Diary of…

Oh no, we did that joke at the award ceremony!

Congratulations to the REAL winner, Mr Nick Thornsby (with some additional scenes by Phil Woolas Hard Labour's no-longer-MP for Old and Sad).

Now, if any of you need a STAND IN for the interview with Captain Clegg…

And don't think I won't be back next year! (Your scheduled Dr Woo review will appear later!)

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Stephen Glenn said...

I clearly am popular with the wrong readership. ;-)

Still waiting even one BOTY nod in ANY category