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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Day 3777: Have You Voted YES Yet?


Vote YES to CHANGE to our broken democratic system. You CAN make the difference!

There's still time for YOUR VOTE to make a REAL CHANGE, a change that will give YOU more power in future elections and make politicians work harder for YOU!

But don't just take MY fluffy word for it! Here are EIGHT reasons, in proper preferential order, from Daddy Alex:

#1 YES: I want my MP to be supported by a MAJORITY rather just the BIGGEST LOSER!

#2 YES: I want to THROW OUT crooked incumbents!

#3 YES: I'm smart enough to count up to THREE!

#4 YES: I want my MP to think twice before filling in the EXPENSES claim!

#5 YES: I'd ENJOY putting my least favourite party last!

#6 YES: I want to vote without tactical SKULDUGGERY!

#7 YES: I've had enough of DINOSAURS ruling the Earth!

#8 YES: I want to STICK IT to the British Nasty Party!

So what are you doing still sitting there reading my diary! GET OUT and VOTE YES!

And May the Fifth Be With You!

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