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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Day 3532: FINALLY, Some Recognition!


My fluffy diary has, it would seem, been voted 31st Worst Political Blog in Great Britain, and, as far as I can tell, that makes me WORST LIBERAL DEMOCRAT BLOGGER!

It's a moment to be truly proud!

To be RANKED more REVOLTING than such media movers as Mr Benedict "Tell-lie-o-graph" Brogan (48) and Mr Nick "Mate-of-Dave" Robinson (57); JUDGED more JAUNDICED than such Conservatory contrarians as Mr Daniel Hangman (63) and Mr John Deadwood (73); DEEMED more DREADFUL than such egregious egoists as Mr Chris Paul (93) and Mr Hopi Sen (99)… it's more than a fluffy toy deserves!

I'm only JUST not-quite-as-bad-as ConservatoryHome!

Congratulations to NOT-AS-APPALLING-AS-ME Liberal Democrats Mr Liberal Smithy (33), Mr Craig Murrey (42) and Mr Lord Bonkers (97) and anyone else I didn't spot on the list.

I would like to thank my Daddies, Daddy Alex and Daddy Richard, without whom I could not have been nearly as awful and also thank everyone who voted for me (in the hope that it wasn't JUST Mr Dale Winton with his finger on the speed dial).

Honestly, you'd think I was RUDE about people or something!

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JohnM said...

I'm just sorry I keep reading you!