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Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 3176: Are you Now or Have You Ever Been…?


This is one of those things that Hard Labour do to make themselves TOTALLY UNELECTABLE.

If you want to help out with kids, you've now got to get a police certificate to prove that you are not a kiddie fiddler.

"We're NOT presuming everybody to be GUILTY," insisted Minister for Child-minding Dilly Moron. "We merely require them to PROVE that they are INNOCENT," she very nearly added.

Yes, for a small fee (and why not a DNA swab; you KNOW they want to) every adult can now receive the comforting proof that they are not a slathering beastie. Probably.

And this will keep our precious younglings safe from the not-in-any-way MASSIVELY OVERBLOWN stranger danger of the BOOGIEMAN…

…while, in a world where we KNOW that most assaults are done by people KNOWN to the victim, there is to be a special exemption for family friends and neighbours.

This law can only be described as HYSTERICAL.

And I don't just mean that someone in the Government has a SICK sense of humour!

OBVIOUSLY it is a reaction to the terrible events in Soham, where two little girls were abducted and murdered by the local school caretaker. And then the police discovered that they had known ALL ALONG that he might be a danger.

If only, went up the cry, someone had checked.

Well, as the old, old saying goes: hard cases make bad laws.

Terrible as those events were, they were an outstandingly RARE event. Indeed, they were so terribly terrible precisely because THIS NEVER HAPPENS. Children die all the time all over the planet and people hardly even seem to notice but good grief this is ENGLAND!

So, requiring every grown up in the country to get a form from the police, just to make sure that the police DO do the checking and DO make use of any information when they have it, making it the LAW, is a MASSIVE over-reaction and, entirely TYPICALLY for Hard Labour, an assault on people's general freedoms to carry on about their LAWFUL business without police or Government busy-bodies interfering.

Worse than that, it is the sort of Daily Hate Mail thinking that just makes the World a worse place by upsetting and frightening people.

In one of the BEST bits of journalistic editorialising I've heard on the The Today Programme, their Home Affairs Editor Mr Mark Eastern spelled out the problem succinctly: the Government is dividing society across an age gap, where oldies see the youngsters as dangerous hoodies and potential muggers and youngsters see oldies as untrustworthy authoritarian and potential paedophiles.

Mr Mark Reckons is on the case too, laying out the likely results of Hard Labour once again breaking the law of unintended consequences.

Because it's NOT like the Government has got a slight case of the MIXED MESSAGES at all, but this week they appear to be saying: adults who want to work with children are OBVIOUSLY monsters… by the way, please help us – we're desperately short of social workers.

Mr Humpy opened his interviews with the assertion "in a decent society, children should be protected from those who would harm them, who could argue with that?" To be FAIR he then framed the question in terms of how FAR that protection should go, and how far is TOO far.

Because the safest POSSIBLE society is one with all of us safely inside our own hermeticly sealed bubbles, fed by machines with our brains plugged into BBC MATRIX. But that is a world that will never change, never evolve, never grow up. It is a society of slaves.

Real life involves some RISK. It's OKAY to be frightened of that; lots of people are. That's why lots of people vote for NANNY STATE Parties like Hard Labour. You don't HAVE to take risks if you don’t want to: you have that choice. What is WRONG is to take away all the risks for everybody else.

Children learn by experiencing. Taking away their opportunities for new experiences is WRONG. Liberal Democrats say so. In fact, it is specifically against the CONSTITUTION of the Liberal Democrats, where we say "no one should be enslaved by ignorance". ("No one should be enslaved by conformity," PROBABLY counts here too!)

Hard Labour want to smother us in cotton wool and take away all those big scary choices that are too much for our "ordinary little brains". Because they think that with their "big" brains they know better than us what is good for us. Good grief, it is time they were GONE!

And ironically, it appears that implementation of this silly law is set for NEXT summer… when Hard Labour WILL be gone (double good grief: people are actually going to elect Mr Balloon, I hold my fluffy head in my fluffy feet).

So not only is this a mean and nasty law, it is also a BOOBY TRAP set up for the Etonian BOOBY. Will he scrap it, or keep it? "Will he," Hard Labour will say, "let the scary paedos get our kiddies or will he be a monstrous police state enforcer, er, just like us!"

Oh, the things Hard Labour do to keep themselves amused. THAT is the REAL abuse.


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