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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 2935: Dates for Your Diary



According to the BBC, Monday the 23rd of March will see the release of a long-awaited new album from the Pet Shop Boys, to be called "Yes".

(Presumably to be accompanied by an even-longer-awaited* new album from "Yes" called "Pet Shop Transcendental Unicorns and shstuff").

The album will feature Mr Jonny Marrmite. Which isn't as funny as if it featured Mr ANDY Marrmite. But then HE's in Mr Kevin Space-age's new play, so go figure!


Ms Lynne Featherweight posts to tell us the excellent news that Tuesday 24th of March will be Ada Lovelace day.

In case you don't know, Ms Lovelace, aka Ms Ada Byron, was the daughter of Lord Bonkers… no, sorry, that's daughter of bonkers Lord Byron. And also she helped Mr Charles Babbage develop the first computer.

According to Mr Lawrence Miles, not only did she actually do most of the workings out, but she was in fact helping the British Secret Service mount an attack on that loveable time-travelling voodoo-cult Faction Paradox! But according to "In Our Time", her life was actually MUCH WEIRDER!

*, technically, the Yes album "Live at Montreaux 2003", released in 2007, may be more recent than Pet Shop Boys Fundamental, released in 2006, but that's cheating… the clue is in the title.


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Unwired said...

No need to worry about Yes issuing any concept albums anytime soon. Their lyricist, Jon Anderson, King of the Cosmic Sugar-Plum Elves, is sidelined with a respiratory ailment and is being replaced with a tribute band singer whose day job is repairing boat upholstery. In the band's spare time they perform on shows like The Mike Huckabee Show on Faux News. You can't make this shtuff up.

BTW, Relayer remains a sublime prog-rock classic to this reviewer. - Alex