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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 2412: Sister Species


New fossil evidence has been dug up that suggests a change to our understanding of the human evolutionary family tree.

Until recently we thought that you monkey-people were descended from one species called Homo Erectus (or Upright People) who were in turn descended from another species called Homo Habilis (or People who shop at Habitat, er…)

But now archaeologists have found some new bones that suggest that both these species existed at the same time, and so one was NOT descended from the other. Instead they may have been distant cousins, like you humans were to the Neanderthals.

This is a little bit of a setback and shows that we have not quite got the whole picture yet.

On the other fluffy foot, this is a GOOD EXAMPLE of just how science is SUPPOSED to WORK. When you find new evidence that contradicts your theory, you start again and find a new theory.

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