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Monday, February 05, 2007

Day 2225: Advertising Feature


“Hello, I’m a PC. Hello, I’m a Mac”

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No you’re not, you’re Mitchell and Webb in an annoying advert.

Today I am trying out a NEW WORD: Ubiquitous – this is the name of that alien planet that looks like a quarry which appears in all those episodes of Blake’s Seven and Doctor Who!

I think I agree with Mr Gavin about this advertising. It is pish.

But did nobody at the Mackintosh corporation think to WATCH “That Mitchell and Webb Look” before deciding to use the boys as their public face? Did they not realise that the long-running gag is that the tubby, be-suited, nerdy one (yes, the PC) is the one who does all the work while the trendy, casual, fun-loving one (that would be Mr I’m a Mac) is a lazy lay-about who does nothing but sponge off his partner.

What are they trying to say about their product?

1 comment:

Will said...

There is a side of it that says: "Don't buy a Mac for the office."

For some reason I'm reminded of their sketch about the double-act "Chip & Pin".