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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day 2004: Un-Eddy-Vaizey-fying


By-elections today!

The Conservatories in Bromley really ought to be expecting to do very, very well in Bromley. Even when they lost the last general election last year, they still got 51.1% of the vote (the Labour got beaten down to 22.2% and the Liberals got a creditable improvement to 20.3%) so they should be expecting WELL into the 50s if not the 60% bracket!

Having TANKED in Scotland – SLUMPING to a poor FOURTH in Dunfermline and West Fife, and FLAT-LINING in Moray – the Conservatories must have been thanking their lucky stars that if they HAD to get a by-election it was such a safe win for them as a seat like this.

So what then can explain the ABJECT TERROR behind this attack on the Liberal Democrats by Mr Ed Vaizey in the Grauniad?

(What, you might ask incidentally, is a National Newspaper doing giving such a blatant party political as this to the Conservatories the day before their defence of a by-election? Well, ask yourself: what does the LABOUR supporting Grauniad have to gain by letting a CONSERVATORY lay into the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS? It's a MYSTERY!)

You should go and read his article in full, because Mr Eddy GUARANTEES that Liberal Democrats will misquote it somehow.

Since that is a GUARANTEE Mr Eddy will no doubt, after the result, provide some PROOF that he was misquoted. Or admit that this was a FIB.

One thing is clear from this, and it is that Mr Eddy-fying is in training for the 2012 Olympics, where he will be representing England in the Chutzpah!

For those people who haven't noticed, when Mr Eddy complains about not seeing Liberal policies – he comes from the Conservatory Party that doesn't HAVE any policies!

In case people have forgotten, when Mr Eddy complains about the Liberal tactics – he comes from the SAME Conservatory Party whose campaign in Cheadle was ENTIRELY about how Mark Hunter lived a BUS RIDE away! At least, it was when it wasn't being LIBELLOUS! One local Newspaper denounced the Conservatory campaign for MISREPRESENTATION. Remember Mr Eddy's GUARANTEE?

And if there are any people who cannot spot the difference, when Mr Eddy asserts that Ben Abbotts has "two jobs" too – "three jobs Bob" gets £49,265 for moonlighting as a GLA member for the next two years while Bromley Councillors like Ben get an allowance of £9,470.

(Which is hardly a living wage, although that actually looks pretty generous now I find out about it – aren't councillor's allowances normally about £3,000? Who's been running this council, then? [R: answer: Mr Balloon])

Mr Eddy asks:

"Why are they indulging in personal and highly misleading attacks on Bob Neill, who will be an excellent MP for the area?"

In that case, if it is so BAD, why is Mr Eddy trying to turn those same attacks against the Liberal Democrats? Isn't that just a bit HYPOCRITICAL?

Let's not mention that Mr Bob and Mr Balloon have gone down like a BUCKET of COLD SICK in Bromley.

After all, Mr Bob's track record speaks for itself, including:

* making a FALSE DECLARATION on his nomination form;
* upsetting the pensioners by refusing to sign their petition;
* arrogantly insisting he will keep his other highly-paid jobs;
* and even getting wrapped over the knuckles by FIFA for abusing the WORLD CUP!

Don't the local people of Bromley DESERVE to know all this about the man Mr Eddy thinks would be "excellent"?

And Mr Eddy decides to attack the Liberal Democrats for making a campaign of it!

Could it be that Conservatory Central Office have only just realised that Mr Balloon has made a TOTAL HORLICKS out of ANOTHER by-election?

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