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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day 1984: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast


My Daddies made me watch “The Impossible Planet” again on repeat on BBC 3.

Daddy Richard thinks this may have been the first time since “Rose” that an episode was so good that they have watched it more than twice in the week of its first broadcast!

As we watched, they counted up the number of times that something is called IMPOSSIBLE and, like so many other things on the Impossible Planet there are SIX!

(Daddy Alex has helped me to find them all by doing the COUNTING!)

1. The alien language that Toby has written on the wall is IMPOSSIBLY old. (1m40s)

2. Mr Jefferson tells Captain Zack that they’ve found real people and Zack replies: “Don’t be stupid, that’s IMPOSSIBLE.” (3m40s)

3. "But you’re a sort of space base, it can’t be that IMPOSSIBLE," replies Rose (3m50s)

4. The Doctor and Rose see the Black Hole for the first time. "But that’s IMPOSSIBLE," exclaims the Doctor (7m40s)

5. The Doctor says to generate the gravity field and the funnel would need an inverted self-extrapolating field of six to the sixth power every six seconds. And that’s IMPOSSIBLE. (12m00s)

6. Danny warns that the Ood telepathic field has reached BASIC 100. But that’s IMPOSSIBLE! (38m35s)

I hope that the conclusion is just as clever and exciting.

Do not forget to watch!

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