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Monday, June 26, 2006

Day 1995: Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines


It has been announced that Lord Blairimort is to get two aeroplanes to fly him to places. This is so that they cannot stop him with roadblocks any longer.

It is nice to know that Lord Blairimort thinks it more important to spend some extra money on a few luxury perks for himself and whoever comes after him as Prime Minister rather than on something trivial like a few more policemen or quarter of a hospital.

But really, this is just one more step along the path away from our politicians being ORDINARY PEOPLE and into the realm of silliness inhabited by the leaders in America (yes, I KNOW what I said yesterday!).

It's not a proper democracy if only billionaires can get elected!

Most politicians in this country are not billionaires, or even multi-millionaires and work at their day job like everyone else. Yes, they get paid quite a bit (£59,095 as of 1st April 2005) which is rather more than most people, (average earnings £22,412 as of 2005) but, no matter what people think, it is not like most MPs could just quit working tomorrow.

This is a good thing too, because so long as MPs have to travel on trains or get stuck in traffic jams or have to take out a mortgage, then they will have a connection to what ordinary everyday folks have to put up with most of their lives and might actually DO something about the railways, the roads or the banks.

Lord Blairimort, however, is away in fantasyland.

Swanning about on private jets like he is in DYNASTY or something, surrounded by people who are only there to serve his every whim, it's hardly any wonder that he has lost touch with the real world entirely.

So the solution is simple.

Instead of an aeroplane, we should buy Lord Blairimort a rocket ship and blast him into space!

Then he can REALLY live in another world and stop bothering the rest of us!

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