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Monday, June 26, 2006

Day 1996: Hate the Crime


We wake to the sound of an EXPLOSION from the bathroom and this tells us that Daddy Richard is in the shower, listening to ANNE ATKINS!

This is just my thought, but what GOOD is Mrs Anne actually trying to do here?

She says that she is condemning murder but then SLYLY tries to suggest that there is something wrong with these killers getting EXTRA HARSH punishment because they the set out to TERRORISE the GAY community rather than the BLONDE community.

(Let's ignore the obvious question: does she know ANYONE who has set out to kill someone just for being from the "BLONDE community"?)

She is trying to suggest that GAY PEOPLE are getting some kind of SPECIAL TREATMENT.

She is trying to TWIST things around so that it seems like it is the gay people who are in the WRONG because ooh, look, they get something that us normal, good, clean, HOLY people don’t get.

(Because yes, gay people ARE getting special treatment – it's the SPECIAL TREATMENT of being SPECIALLY TARGETED for being BEATEN TO DEATH, but it seems Mrs Ann is OKAY with that sort of treatment not being specially bad.)

So who benefits from Mrs Anne's words?

Do gay people feel better for being told that this wasn't fair justice? No.

Does the family of Jody Dobrowski feel better for being told his life should have been worth less? No.

Do the killers feel that someone is saying that they shouldn't have been sent to the slammer for so long? Ahhhh….

Mrs Atkins is choosing to be part of the "support network" for people like these criminals. She supports these killers by feeding into the sour soup of soundbites about gay people not DESERVING rights – only the rights that would be the same as ANY people get, like the right not to be sacked for being yourself, or the right to see your other half in hospital, but somehow for gay people to want this makes those SPECIAL rights.

With a large group of people like Mrs Anne banging on all the time about it being okay to belittle gay people, then you are more likely to get a tiny group of people thinking it is okay to KILL gay people.

In the big book of Christianity, there is a story about the PHARISEES.

It does not do any good to go around saying "ooh, look at me, I'm so holy, do what I say!" That is not religion, that is SHOWING OFF, and any silly person can do that!

What Mrs Anne says is "if he was heterosexual his life would have been worth half as much"

What my Daddy Richard says is "if he was heterosexual, he wouldn't be DEAD, woman, he wouldn't be DEAD."

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