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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Day 1979: Double Your Money


Congratulations today go to Mr Balloon for getting one of his A-List candidates selected so that he can address the imbalance in the Conservatory Party representation!

Oh, hang on, sorry, no he didn't, they picked this old guy instead. Mr Robert Neill

[Gabriel Woolf: Neill before Sutekh!]

Where did THAT come from???

Slightly oddly, it seems that Mr Neill…

[Gabriel Woolf: Neill, you are a worm, an insect!]

That's… getting a bit scary, actually!

Er, anyway, he already HAS another full time job (salary £49,265 as of 1 April 2005) as the elected representative for the people of South East London in the London Assembly constituency of Bromley and Bexley.

It seems that he is the leader of the Conservatory gang on the assembly. I wonder what he has to say as the BOSS of the Conservatory who CHAIRS the Assembly that wants to build CAR PARKS everywhere?

He is also on three of the Assembly committees AND on the Metropolitan Police Authority AND on the Commission for Racial Equality. Apparently.

Which must keep him pretty busy.

Which is ALSO interesting because Mr Neill…

[Gabriel Woolf: Neill, plaything of Sutekh!]


Ummm, quiver, "him", er, he has ANOTHER full time job being a local barrister. Well local if you're in BLOOMSBURY rather than Bromley, anyway.

I do hope that he is not going to miss any important meetings of those committees and commissions because he is too busy trying to get another well paid public job (salary £57,485 as of 1 April 2004 held over to 2005) to not do while he is at work being a barrister.

So good luck to Mr…

[Gabriel Woolf: …!]

You know, I'm just not going to say it.

I'm sure the people of Bromley will think that such a hard-working man DESERVES lots of their money for looking after them if and when he can fit them in.

The Liberal Democrats have chosen this young man.


It was a BIT strange that the BBC gave over a lot of their rolling news coverage to the Conservatories selecting their candidate for this seat. They did not do that for the Labour or the Liberal Democrats.

Which reminds me!

Who should turn up on PANORAMA admitting to teaching Darth Cheney and his Monkey how to cast doubt on science but my old fluffy friend FRANK LUNTZ! Panorama gave him a proper credit as “REPUBLICAN POLLSTER” so the BBC got that right this time!


0tralala said...

Ooh. Bromley is my local council. They're not nearly as groovy as Southwark or Greenwich - our previous councils.

The collection of rubbish is less organised, there's less bother with recycling, and they made picking up an old mattress a right old bother.

And actually paying them can be a fiddle, as my former housechum Nimbos can tell you.

Will said...

I bring Sutekh's gift of death to Bromley and Chislehurst.

That is all.