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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Day 1990: Spoiler Spoiler is Spoiler-ing Spoiler Spoiler


Do NOT look at this website!

Nor at this one!

Do not even THINK of looking here!

News has broken and no matter where you look it will find a way into your head. Even sticking my fluffy head under a cushion did no good as my big fluffy ears still picked up the news from a trailer for Newsround!

Ooh, John Craven would never have given it away!

So, if you don't want to know, look away now!

No, I said look away!

You're still looking!

Okay, after this it's YOUR fault!

Okay, it's the news that Rose Tyler is Leaving Doctor Who!

Oh, you already knew.

This news has been both handled and greeted much better than the similar news last year that Mr Eccy-thump was leaving.

Obviously, that all came tumbling out in a rush because of a newspaper, but even so, just after the first episode it was hardly the most perfect of timing. Fortunately, that episode "Rose" had probed to be so phenomenally popular, and the people creating the series at the BBC were so talented, that they were able to surf that publicity and turn it from bad to good. It could have been a crushing blow, but instead it actually helped sell the series arc as a tragedy and the "search for the next Dr Who" gave the press something more interesting to speculate about for a while as well.

Newspaper #1: Will it be David Tennant?
Newspaper #2: Yes

This year, although there have been rumours, they have succeeded in keeping this news bottled up until much closer to the end of the series. Hopefully, this will provide a shot in the arm of publicity just as the ratings are sagging due to summer holidays and sunny Saturdays. A kind of "last chance to see" plus the "what will happen to Rose?" factor.

I will be very sad to see Rose leave, and I imagine Dr Who will be very sad as well too. This will probably be turned into A GOOD THING by the mighty pen of Russell T Vision who will find a new vein of emotional ore to mine.

It is funny, because just this morning, before we knew, Daddy Richard was wondering what Dr Who would do for friends NEXT, after Rose has gone. We think that they will have to come up with something a bit different so as not to undermine the whole Dr Who-Rose relationship. i.e. he will look a bit of a GIT if he just picks up the very next blonde that he comes across and starts up with her the same as with Rose.

Maybe it would be better to have a COUPLE as his friends – then the emotional bits can be between the two of them while Dr Who gets over the feelings of Rose having gone. Also, it would be nice to have a boy in the TARDIS as Captain Jack did not get to travel for nearly long enough, in my opinion.

Anyway, farewell and fluffy hugs to Rose for being wonderful.

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