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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Day 2404: Mr Ed Pushes Mr Lembit under a Bendy Bus


It was ALL OVER in an INSTANT! One moment it looked like just another London FUN RUN and then BLAT! Mr Lembit Icepick was out of the running for mayor.

(Though not before Mayorwatch had responded with a TIMELY call to call OFF the Clowns!)

We have LOADS of much better candidates anyway – Ms Lynne Featherweight, Queen of Bloggers; Ms Sarah Ludford, Baroness of the House of Lords Club; Ms Susan Kramer versus Kramer (though she would probably want to let someone else have a go). Even my BELOVED Sarah Teather could stand for mayor! Possibly on a box! Would that not be WONDERFUL! I could follow her around London leafletting lovehearts!!!

And yes that IS an amazing coincidence that they're all women, isn't it.

Daddy is suddenly struck by the idea that we should draft Ms Alison Goldsworthy to stand under the slogan "Vote Ali G - in this election, I'm the one who ISN'T a comedian"!

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