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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Day 2398: Heroes…


…actually turned out to be JOLLY WORTH WATCHING. Sort of like a really gory version of "The Tomorrow People". It is on again tonight, so we will be looking out for it!

Superpowers NOT seen in the show include those of the Princess of Norway who talks to angels.

(and for €3000 a year so can you!)

Unfortunately, Daddy Richard's SUPER-POWER of "Browsing the Internet at Work" has been curtailed by the new KRYPTONITE FIREWALL that his company has installed.

Now, every page on the Internet returns a message like "URL blocked. Categorization: Education or Reference, Personal Pages" (that one's the WIKIPEDIA!) "If you require access to this URL and have a valid business case e-mail the IT department".

Daddy has considered e-mailing with "I require access to Lib Dem blogs aggregated. Business Reason: I am going MAD with BOREDOM!"

But even if you get them to unblock the homepage… any links from it – yes, you guessed – come back with "URL blocked. Categorization: You are having too much fun!" Suddenly Googling goes the opposite of so much further.

I may only have a fluffy brain but this does seem to miss the POINT of the Internet!

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