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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Day 2399: Bare Necessities


What sort of a job do you have where you try to seduce members of the public into your curtained cubicle? Not everyone knows that you do it and some people DISAPPROVE! You're not hurting anybody but might bring a smile to their face?

Yes, that's right – it is BEING a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT COUNCILLOR.

Even RESPECTABLE people like stripogram Ms Myrnna Bushell are doing it! So it is QUITE SAD when some people feel so EMBARRASSED that they have to quit. What a SHAME!

You known, I did not know that you could earn money just by taking your clothes off! Though, since I do not wear any clothes (except my SPECIAL BADGES) I do not think that I could earn a lot this way.

Daddy says that the IMPORTANT thing is to protect people from being EXPLOITED. Personally, I suspect that the important thing is to stop them catching cold – so so long as the HEATING is turned on, what they do for work does not bother me!

No, that is not QUITE the end of the story. People should not have to do work that they think is DEGRADING. But then what is more degrading: talking RUDE WORDS from the comfort of your own home or taking a 15 second toilet stop under the careful supervision of your WALMart name badge with built in GPS tracker?

It certainly puts Daddy not having the Internet into some perspective, I think!

The Liberal Democrats exist to protect people from bully and exploitation, and – it says on my member's card – to ensure a society where no one is enslaved by poverty. So I think that it would be more appropriate to talk about Mr David "he is the" Laws and his new PLAN to fight poverty.

Mind you, it also says no one should be enslaved by CONFORMITY either, so if people have a different way of making money, we should be defending their right to do so, and not wagging the fluffy foot of condemnation!

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