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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Day 2707: Elephants in Zimbabwe


File this story under "people are bad news".

As if Mr President Mugabe hadn't done enough to scuttle his nation's economy by handing all the farms over to so-called 'war veterans' (or 'armed thugs who've done some intimidation work for him'), he's also torpedoed the once billion-dollar tourism industry. Who wants to go sight-seeing where the next sight you might see is another village being massacred for voting for the MDC.

And, to add INSULT to INJURY, apparently he is now FUNDING his regime by allowing shady tourists – apparently mainly from America or Spain – to go ELEPHANT-MURDERING in the once prestigious national parks!

Where once the Park Rangers could proudly defend the herds of elephants, the crashes of rhinos and even the prides of cat-monsters, now they are so badly off that they are reduced to EATING some of their animal friends.

Meanwhile Mr President Mugabe's hit squads are so completely bonkers that they are reduced to torturing the opposition's LIVESTOCK before they murder them.

Some people just don't deserve all the beautiful things that the world provides for them.

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