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Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 2723: The Gays are Getting Married – World Fails to End (again!)


WE know a SONG about this, don't we daddy… cue HootTube…

It seems like happy occasions are breaking out ALL OVER.

In California, they are queuing round the block to get hitched, thanks to a (State) Supreme Court decision overturning the ban on gays getting married.

First to join in happy union were heroic veteran ladygays Ms Del Martin and Ms Phyllis Lyon. Back in the DARK AGES of 1955, when Americaland was wracked with anti-pinko WITCH HUNTS, Ms Del and Ms Phyllis helped to found the Daughters of Bilitis, recognised as the first lesbian rights group in America.

Also taking the "oath of federation" will be Mr George Takei, star of Star Trek and hero of Heroes.

I'm sure he will be beaming up the aisle on his happy day. Beaming… you know, because he is happy… no?

Meanwhile the Church of England is DELIGHTED… it says "angered" here, but that is no doubt a misprint… DELIGHTED with the news that a vicar married a vicar… to another vicar!

(Look this CAN'T be as confusing as that business with the Lesbians suing the Lesbians over who gets to be Lesbians!)

The coverage is even funnier in the Torygraph with liberal use of illiberal inverted commas around the words gay and wedding and gay wedding and blessing and the rest! Like they don't know how gay air-quotes are!)

The Wedding took place in the church of St Bartholomew the Great, made FAMOUS in the film "Four Weddings and a Funeral for the Established Church".

Messages of congratulation have flooded in from all over the world.

The Bishop of Winchester, the Right Reverend Michael Smoking-Joynt expressed his hopes that "clearly flouting Church guidelines and will exacerbating divisions within the Anglican Communion" would bring them lasting happiness.

While from Uganda, the Archbishop Henry Orombi wished them every joy of their "blasphemous" and "shocking" ceremony. Lovely.

In fact, the only MISERABLE people were those two old-men-in-frocks: the Beardy Weirdy of Canterbury and the Archpillock of York Dr Sentimoo. They expressed their "regrets".

"The Church of England is supposed to make people DEPRESSED not happy!" they said!

Sadly, I also have to tell you that Mr Matt Lucas and his partner Mr Kevin McGee have split up. Even with gay marriage comes gay divorce. I hope they are both all right!


Richard Gadsden said...

Here's hoping that your two daddies will be allowed to make honest men of each other some time soon.

Alasdair W said...

The interesting thing is this.
"Under Church of England guidance, gay priests can enter civil partnerships as long as they remain celibate." (from the BBC). Crazy!