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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Day 2060: Seven-ish Blogs in Seven Days: “Love and Liberty”


As I am telling you all about the blogs that I like to read, you REALLY cannot expect me not to mention MY DADDY ALEX and his "Love and Liberty".

Daddy has impressed lots of people with his political writings (I gave him LOTS of help!) but he DOES have a life outside of politics too, and to prove it here are some of his typically enthusiastic thoughts on the Avengers.

(Yes, I KNOW it is dated a week earlier – but I sat on the back of my chair and watched him type it in, so I also KNOW when most of it was REALLY posted!)

This also seems like the right place to mention Mr Simon Guerrier on "0tralala" who is not STRICTLY a Liberal Democrat blogger, but often has very Liberal things to say. And also he owns the new ATTACHÉ-CASE of JAMES BOND which my daddies are TOO MEAN to get for me. Harumph!

Here is Mr Simon on James Bond!

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