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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 3188: Song for Conference


If your mansion house needs taxing just call… Rent-a-quote!
We've got Clegg and Huhne and Vince and Jools… at Rent-a-Quote!
The Meeja will never see ya; we have Party invisibility…
Remember policy is not a mystery it's… Rent-a-quote!

In the Party be a Smarty and hire… Rent-a-quote!
If your Fresh Starty's looking far…faulty you need… Rent-a-quote!
Mr Danny has uncanny… manifesto ministry…
To get tuition fees past the FPC… ring Rent-a-quote!

If you say the most horrific simple quotes not quite specific then the Guardian will "Savage" you away.

Heavy hinting is a tactic but the outcome's most erratic and you may just have to eat those words today (yay!)

We are extraordinary fellers here at… Rent-a-quote!
To be another Sarah Teather just hire… some proper jokes!
If you want to be Prime Monster; you know you'll have to pay our fee…
Remember what you see's not Liberal Democracy but… Rent-a-quote!

Remember what you see's not Liberal Democracy but… RENT…A…QUOTE!

(cackles to fadeout)

Captain Clegg has made his speech and Conference is done.

Thank you Bournemouth and BYE BYE!

Libby on the Beach
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(With thanks to Mat and Auntie Jennie's sandcastle building competition, and apologies to Mr Claypole!)


1 comment:

Mark Thompson said...

That is one of the best things I have ever seen! It should be put on the song list for next year's Glee Club.

It was nice to meet your fluffiness at the BotYs by the way and I am very jealous of your photo op with the good Professor.