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Friday, September 05, 2008

Day 2803: Bull in China Shop


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Oh I'm sorry; I appear to have the wrong caption.

In an article for the New Statesperkin
former SAFETY ELEPHANT, Mr Charles Clarke, seeks to address the central problem of "Waiting for Gordo", the play where the Cabinet sit around hoping that the Re-launch to save their careers will arrive.

"There IS no PLOT!" he wails.

It's just a bit IRONIC that he starts by saying that the Labour need to stop OBSESSING about the past… and then spends the rest of his article saying "What Would Jesus Lord Blairimort do?".

The answer incidentally is:

a) Invade anywhere that the Monkey-in-Chief wants to whether he is right or wrong;
b) Use terrorist atrocities in New York or London as an excuse to abolish another bit of Civil Liberties protection;
c) Keep down taxes – by which he means keep down taxes for rich people – no matter how much money you are spending;


d) Manage the public sector by spending millions on management consultants and part-privatisation scams.

There is, as Mr Clarke puts it, "no coherent Blairite ideology".

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