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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 2813 (again): Where's Lembit? He's right HERE!


What a magnificent sight it was to see as the Liberal Democrat Shadow Housing Minister glided down the hill towards us atop his electric broomstick on wheels.

What a slightly-less-magnificent sight it was as he went on rolling down the hill straight past us, to the accompanying cries of "Good on yer!" and "Wa-hey!"

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
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Eventually we were able to hunt him down and disable his Segway, after which we found him to be both a top interviewee and totally on top of his stuff in the face of our toughest grilling to date.

The charming but not-entirely-unbiased Lady Mark Valladares provided much of the most challenging questioning, while the lovely Lady Mayor Mary made a very welcome return to our Blogging panel with some detailed interrogation about housing policy. I was more interested in his thoughts on the Bare-Bones Commission, while Daddy Alex brought out some interesting answers to which Lib Dem policy would he go to the wall for and which does he think is wrong. Rounding out our panel, Ms Helen provided a taxing round of the "Yes/No" game at which Mr Lembit proved MOST ADEPT, though he then said that he found it anathema to his sensibilities as he finds politicians never answering the question MOST FRUSTRATING.

What emerged is that Mr Lembit is – perhaps in spite of himself – a serious individual who really knows his stuff, who for some reason appears to cover this up with appearing to be a bit of a buffoon.

"Life's too short to be serious all the time," he says, but on a more serious point he also feels that appearing on "Have I Got News For You" or being interviewed by Mr Piers Moron for GQ or even appearing in the tabloids… "I'm on first name terms with the nation" was the positive he was able to draw out …these things help him to connect to people BEYOND the usual circle of politics.

Lots of interesting things there, then, but first I have to rush off and interview Lady Lynne!

More – as they say on Dead Ringers – on this story later!

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