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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 2782: Genetically Moronic Crop


Oh Mr Prince Charles! GM crops DON'T cause Climate Change!

Ever since being appointed PRINCE OF WAILS, Mr Charles has been famously shooting his mouth off about anything and everything that he finds "Absolutely Ghastly". Yes, he's not so much monarch in waiting as Britain's Battiest Blogger.

But as a living, breathing example of SELECTIVE BREEDING taken to its most ludicrous extremes (his claim to own all of Cornwall depending entirely on his dodgy assertion that he's some special "breed") you would think that Mr the Prince would be a TINY bit more cautious before condemning anyone else's GENETICS.

Just to be completely fair: the engineering of the seeds for sale, plus the shipping of them around the world to where they are to be sown will CONTRIBUTE to CO2 emissions and that WON'T HELP global warming.

But it's not the main CAUSE either, and Mr Charles has already gotten in enough hot water for jetting around the world to know that there are WORSE things for the environment. (At least he's learned that nowadays it's better for the planet if he travels by HOLOGRAM.)

And, yes, selling poor people crops that "self terminate" or in English don't let you plant them for next year's crop is really MEAN.

BUT… if third world farmers can grow a yield of two or three times what they used to so that they can feed themselves AND sell the excess so that other people can feed themselves AND have enough money after being (admittedly forced) to buy next year's seeds to make a profit then… how are they going to see this as "A BAD THING"?

The Crown Prune risks UNDOING the good work that has done in keeping the threat of Climate Change at the top of the agenda but making silly, over-the-top claims conflating a GENUINE THREAT that is supported by loads of scientific evidence to worries about GM that remain scientifically unfounded.

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