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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Day 2774: Conservatory Dirty Tricks: an apology… would be nice.


If politics in Watford is to return to normal, the Conservatories must clean up their act.

They PICKED their Conservatory Candidate, and while he WAS Conservatory Candidate he conducted a CRIMINAL CAMPAIGN of hate and intimidation.

NOW they say they can’t comment because he’s no longer a Conservatory.

Daddy suggests a Liberal Democrat MEME:

Every time the Conservatories comment on someone who is NOT a member of the Conservatory Party… Mr Frown, Senator Obama, the Editor of Nuts magazine, anyone… link their comment to this story saying:

“But you can’t comment; they’re not a member of the Conservatory Party”.

THIS is what the Conservatories say about their candidate NOW.

OR you can read the Google-cached version.

As they say at the top of the page: “you can get it if you REALLY want”.

If Mr Balloon REALLY believes that people should “take responsibility” then he needs to start with his OWN PARTY.

What happened in Watford all sounds very horrid.

For the details, please read the words of Ms Sara Bedford, Mr Iain Sharpe and Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Ms Sal Brinton.

I do hope that it is all over.
Yes, it’s a SHAME when you have to use a headline again.