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Monday, June 04, 2007

Day 2341: Dinosaur Theme Park


Oh very fluffy dear, America!

I suppose that most of you already know about the BONKERS Disney ride that the Creationists have opened in Kentucky to “prove” that back in the Garden of Eden, little baby Cain and little baby Abel played nice with little baby Tyrannosaurus Rex.


We had to get the stepladder out to scrape Daddy Richard down off the ceiling, of course, after listening to the BBC’s Mr Justin Webb reporting from this Lala Land. In spite of his wry tone of “look, you’re kidding, right?”, Mr Justin still allowed the Creationists to get away with presenting as “facts” such nonsense as there being “proof” in Palaeolithic paintings that people and dinosaurs lived together or that before the Fall, all animals were vegetarians. The idea of a super-adapted predator like a sabre-toothed Cat Monster, or a Great White Shark or even Mr Tyrannosaurus Rex himself might be designed for yumming down a FRUIT SALAD is almost as RIDICULOUS as the idea that they were DESIGNED in the first place!

You cannot give these people an inch. You really do need to challenge them on every made-up little “fact” or they’ll end up building a thumping great TOYTOWN and saying “look, there’s your “proof” – see the animatronic!”

After all, assertions without proof is where this whole creationism comes from in the first place

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