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Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 3274: The Liberal Democrats WILL Abolish Tuition Fees


File under news that ought not to be news but IS: the Liberal Democrats have re-stated their pledge to abolish tuition fees, the fees imposed on students when Hard Labour broke their promise not to!

Captain Clegg has e-mailed me to say:
I'm writing to let you know some good news about the Liberal Democrat manifesto - good news for students and for everyone who wants a fairer Britain. This week the Party's federal policy committee agreed a way to deliver one of our most important policies, the scrapping of unfair tuition fees. We've developed a plan to phase out tuition fees over the course of the next six years, to ensure this vital policy is affordable even at this time of economic crisis.
This is TERRIFIC news!

We know that under Hard Labour, more and more people's chances in life have been FIXED by the chance of their birth, the accident of CLASS. No wonder Hard Labour are playing the CLASS CARD – THEY are the ones who have re-enforced the Class System of prejudice in favour of the HAVES and against the HAVE NOTS!

Liberal Democrats want to give opportunities to EVERYBODY, and one way is by making sure that anyone, from whatever background, can go to university and is not put off by the thought of a life of perpetual DEBT.

Well done to the FPC and the treasury team for working out a way to get rid of this unfair tax on opportunity!
Since this means that a commitment to abolish tuition fees will be in the next manifesto, can we expect Mr Mark Littlewood to pay up?

(I confess, I MAY have an interest as Daddy Alex put up a tenner!)



David Matthewman said...

Hmm. Not completely sure who wins the bet between Alex and Mark - after all, six years *isn't* before the next General Election.

Millennium Dome said...


{cancels order for £80 worth of Sticky Buns}