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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Day 3256: The Zachary Goldfinger Tax Dodge… Why Did He Fess Up Now?


You cannot have failed to notice the revelation that Conservatory golden/green poster-boy and anti-Liberal Democrat candidate Mr Zac Goldfinger, son of millionaire Bond Villain Sir Jammy Goldfinger, has been caught out avoiding tax.

In particular, Daddy Alex is VERY CROSS about Master Goldfinger saying we should be GRATEFUL for his CHARITY*!

But I've been wondering why this news should leak now?

Meanwhile, ENTIRELY COINCIDENTALLY, Monday 30 November was the deadline (now extended to January) for UK citizens to tell Mrs the Queen's Customs and Revenue about any pots of cash that they have squirreled away in OFFSHORE TAX HAVENS.

The Conservatories have worked VERY HARD to push the idea that ANYONE should be allowed to stand for Parliament and you shouldn't hold someone's BACKGROUND against them. This all sounds very EGALITARIAN, but actually it's a pre-emptive strike to say: "ooh, you beastly oiks just CAN'T make politics out of the fact that Mr Balloon / Master Gideon / Miss Nancy Mogg / Mr Goldfinger / etc has inherited a HUGE fortune and never done an honest day's work in all their life! How rotten!"

Well that's nonsense!

Candidates should be judged by the ACTIONS, and that includes whether they have chosen to pay their FAIR contribution in tax in this country like the people they CLAIM they want to represent, or whether they have chosen to take advantage of tax loopholes to keep their UNEARNED, INHERITED riches for themselves.

(*Hat tip, Mr Paul Burblings too!)

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Bob The Fish said...

I know this isn't on-topic, and feel free not to publish it, but when are you going to resume your reviews of "The Prisoner"? I was going to have a re-watch of the original series before watching the remake to compare it properly (although I did see the first episode of the remake and it was very, very boring), and then I found your reviews and was very much enjoying watching them in your order (which seems to be so far identical to the one that McGoohan himself said was correct) at the same pace as you. And now I've been hanging on, waiting for "The General" for *ages*.

Please carry on soon, as I very much enjoy your thoughtful and informed commentary. And I don't want to have to wait until *next* Christmas to watch the remake, terrible though I'm sure it will continue to be.

Millennium Dome said...

You are very kind.

The "Prisoner" reviews WILL return... as soon as I can pin down my daddies to watching a double bill of "The General" and "A, B & C".

Probably with a drink of some MILK.