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Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 3281: It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas

Christmas Day:

Those Irony-meisters the Pet Shop Boys appear to have brought down the Curse of Ubastard, Evil God of Bad Timing, by releasing their Christmas single shortly before it in fact DOES snow at Christmas, paralysing all planes, trains and automobiles.

Fluffy hugs especially to everyone who got trapped in the Chunnel or in Europe. We know how you feel; Daddy Richard's mummy and daddy went shopping in BASINGSTOKE. It took them EIGHT-AND-A-HALF hours to get home!

Here's hoping you got safely home to your loved ones!

Help yourself to a nice warming PIE and meanwhile… Run VT, daddy!

Fluffy Christmas Everyone!
MM xx



Mark said...

My sympathies for anyone having to do Christmas shopping in Basingrad, whatever the weather.

Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone

Richard Gadsden said...

Merry Christmas Millennium, Richard and Alex.