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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 2875: Happy Birthday Chuck


His Most Britannic Fifth-Wheeledness has reached the age of the bus pass.

As Mr Rory Bremner has joked in the past: Mrs the Queen has told the Prince that he will ascend to the throne in the traditional manner… or in her PRECISE words: "over my dead body".

What, then, to get for the Man Who Has Everything (except a Job)?

Well, how about a PLANET of his very own!

Behold: Formalhaut Prime!

Untainted by architectural carbuncles; unlikely to be reduced to grey goo by nanotechnology; almost certainly immaculate of GM agriculture. And a full twenty-five light years away, well outside any territory currently ruled by Mrs the Queen.

OK, so it's probably a GAS GIANT – but what better place to practice being a Right Royal Windbag?

Happy Birthday, Your Highness! Now, someone blast him into space!

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