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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 2672: Green Shoots herself in the Carbon Footprint


Speaking to theLondonPaper yesterday for their first of their Mayoral Interviews, Green Candidate Ms Sian Very-Berry said that to get to work “four of us went in a taxi which is as energy efficient as a two-thirds empty bus”

That would be the bus that was going to run ANYWAY.

So Ms Very-Berry’s “efficient taxi” was an EXTRA carbon cost ON TOP OF the bus, not INSTEAD of it.

Vote Green, Get SMOG! you might say.

To make the bus MORE efficient you want more people to USE it, not make silly excuses for snobbishly choosing a taxi instead.

If the bus has to wait until it’s full, like Ms Very-Berry seems to want, then it will be VERY late, and UNRELIABLE and FEWER people will want to use it.

Congratulations then to Mr Neal Wilson with the “Letter of the Day” in today’s theLondonPaper pointing this out for our obviously very short-sighted Ms Very-Berry.

Sadly, she may be green but, it appears, she’s no friend of the Earth.

1 comment:

Alasdair W said...

Madness. It's common sence that it's more eco friendly to use the bus than taxi. She could even ride a bike. Does she think Lononders are stupid?