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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Day 2648: Harriet's Fool

Tuesday: Surely, surely THIS has got to be an April wind-up! Ms Harriet Harpic quizzed for ten minutes by Mr Humpy on the The Today Programme is a waste of everyone's life most days, but today it was almost beyond satire. She is wearing a policeperson's anti-stab jacket. So WHAT: it is a PHOTO OPPORTUNITY, you monkeys, not some kind of surrender to ANARCHY in the UK! On a day when there are MUCH MORE IMPORTANT things to be discussing it just seems a bit BONKERS. In other news: Committee of OAP's from the House of Lords Club says: "We don't like immigrants much!" Coming soon, House of Lords Club report on "Why aren't things as good as they used to be" blames "Kids Today!"

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