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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 2670: “If we had had Liberal Policies…”


Faced with Mr Clogg at Prime Monster’s Questionable Time (and thank you to Mr Alisdair for reminding me to watch!) Mr Frown replied with the accusation that “the Liberal Party’s” policies would result in lower employment and higher poverty.

That would be Liberal Policies like, oh, Independence for the Bank of England, which Mr Frown campaigned against before implementing it; Nationalising the Northern Rock to protect investors, which Mr Frown argued against before implementing it; reducing basic rate income tax, which Mr Frown spoke against before implementing it; or switching to green taxation, which Mr Frown just plain stole.

“If we had had Liberal Policies…” Prime Monster, you DO!

If it weren’t for the Liberal Policies, we’d be in a much WORSE hole! If only he’d listened to our policies on reducing debt and making the tax system fair.

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