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Friday, September 28, 2007

Day 2458: Liberal Democrats are right… says the Labour!


DARINGLY, Mr Vince "Power" Cable and Mr David "He is the" Laws have SNEAKED into the Labour's Conference in Bournemouth. Either that or they've booked in REALLY, REALLY EARLY for our Conference there next year.

Whilst trying to fight their way out of Mr Frown's Big Top… sorry, Big Tent (NOT the one in Greenwich that ought to be named after me), Messrs Cable and Laws ran into Treasury Minister Ms Angel Eagle who was full of praises for the Liberal Democrats' tax plans.

In spite of our fundamental differences on the way that taxes should be SPENT – we say by giving it back to people locally; the Labour say by giving it to Mr Frown to approve each item personally – it is good that we can agree that there might be FAIRER ways to RAISE those taxes in the first place.

This of course is practically treason… unless Mr Frown is planning on nicking them in the next couple of weeks. Do not be surprised to see a 4p tax cut in the Labour's manifesto for this election that isn't going to happen!

Also learning lessons from the Liberal Democrats was Secretary of State for Places that Mr Frown Doesn't Run (Yet) Mr Millipede.

Although urging us to "move on" (not once but four times) from Lord Blairimort's foreign policy adventure was all too patronisingly familiar from Lord Blairimort's own many attempts to get us to "move on, move on, nothing to see here"… in fact a lot of the speech was… eerily reminiscent…

The short, clipped sentences… The lack of verbs… The vision… Thing. Ten years in government... New Labour Government… Moving on... And on... And on… Eyes-on-the-future stare; grip-on-power hands on the podium; I've-made-a-deal-with-Mr-Frown pledge card signed in back pocket…

Actually, does anyone know where Lord Blairimort IS this week? And has anyone checked Mr Millipede's head for zippers?

Mr Millipede was at least willing to concede that the biggest, most shockingly awful, total Horlicks of a Foreign Policy catastrophe since at least Suez and possibly since the DARDANELLES was a bit of a "scar".

"Good intentions are not enough," he said. "We need good institutions."

Obviously he means institutions like the European Union and the United Nations (though sticking Lord Blairimort in another kind of "institution" would also have helped). Throughout the CRISIS and DISASTER of the Middle Eastern invasion, the Liberal Democrats have appealed to the government to work WITH other countries, through the UN and the Union, and WITHIN the framework of INTERNATIONAL LAW. Only by working together and working to support the rules so that other people come to follow them too can we hope to make a SAFER WORLD.

There's the REAL lesson for you, Mr Millipede. Never mind your good intentions, listen to the WISDOM and EXPERIENCE of Sir Mr the Merciless.

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Laurence Boyce said...

Well spotted. (Well, not THAT difficult to spot actually.) Mr Millipede has been auditioning for the leading role from the day he became the secretary for foreign people!