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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 2454: Miranda Grell versus Witches


In Doctor Who there are a race of aliens called the Grell. Pottily convinced that knowledge really IS power, they roam the universe seeking to acquire information, which if true they chirpily label "Good Facts!"

The Labour's hopefully-very-soon-to-be-ex-councillor Ms Miranda Grell, though also obsessed with getting power, seems to have had the REVERSE fixation, as she has been found GUILTY of going around spreading BAD FACTS, very Bad Facts indeed.

The BBC says so.

The Times says so.

Lib Dem Voice says so.

And the Labour's Blogger Mr Chris Paul says, er, not, actually.

Mr Chrisp denounces the Times reporting as a LIE – which is fighting talk when you're defending a lady just convicted of, er, lying. Also, just possibly, a little unwise, especially just after admitting to neither being present in court nor having read any transcripts of the case.

I assume this means that Mr Chrisp JUST KNOWS that as a member of the Labour, Ms Grell CANNOT have done any wrong! This is called BLIND FAITH.

Certainly he seems to believe her "excuse", that is the excuse she offered when denying everything didn't work because, of dear, there were witnesses, including members of the Labour. (The "excuse" was that she had made a "mistake" about her victims boyfriend's age – because it so SOOOOOO easy to say "fourteen" when you meant to say "thirty-nine", isn't it!)

As the saying goes: there's none so blind as those who do not bother looking before egging someone on to sue a National Newspaper (or the Times) for "poor reporting".

Oddly enough, I think that this is why we HAVE courts – so that, when we haven't seen or heard the evidence we can RELY on an impartial system to tell us who is telling the truth and who is lying. But obviously that does not seem to be how at least a couple of speakers for the Labour see things.

Perhaps they just haven't got the memo from Mr Frown about restoring people's trust in politicians. Here are a couple of pointers: do not tell lies; if someone one your side DOES tell lies, tell them to stop; when they are CAUGHT AND CONVICTED of telling lies, do not try to SHIFT THE BLAME onto the VICTIM.

In the OLDEN DAYS, the Worst Accusation in the World™ used to be "WITCHCRAFT!"

You could stick the label on someone like it was the BLACK SPOT and all the other villagers would immediately be set against them, because witches are AUTOMATICALLY bad! And there was no defence – after all, witches lie and pretend to be good and godfearing so the more good and godfearing you are the more it is OBVIOUSLY a LIE and a COVER-UP! Once the cry of WITCH goes up, pretty soon it is time to start with the DUCKING STOOLS or gathering up the FAGGOTS for a BONFIRE.

(And yes, Daddy has told me that this is where that particularly HORRID pun comes from!)

"There is no smoke without a fire" goes the saying – yes, but LOOK who is starting the fires before you start gathering the lynch mob!

Nowadays it is not Witchcraft, but Child Abuse – but it is still the same old WITCHHUNT: pick on someone a bit different and start the name-calling. Do not worry about getting proof, because the HUE and CRY will bring them down even if the accusation is not true.

It used to be lonely old women and gay daddies who would get picked on; these days… not much has changed, actually.

I must put my fluffy foot up to a (slight) interest in the case, because my Daddy Alex was candidate to be MP for Leyton and Wanstead a couple of elections ago and so we know (slightly) some of the people involved. We know how hurt and traumatised and damaged they have been as a result of Ms Grell's NASTY and UNTRUE tale-telling.

More on the Labour and their nasty habit of dirty tricks here.

And indeed here.

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