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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 4641: A Doctor Woo Metaphor for Conference


If the Conservatories are the dastardly DALEKS… and Hard Labour are the soulless CYBERMEN… are the Liberal Democrats:

a) The SILURIANS – green-tinged former rulers of Earth; now caught in a suspended animation time-warp…

b) The SONTARANS – bit shouty; always keen for a fight; treated as a bit of a joke by everyone else…


c) The WEEPING ANGELS – kill you with kindness; change position suddenly when you’re not looking; can’t even look at each other…


Andrew Hickey said...


The Ice Warriors -- used to be major players, and may be again in the future, but mostly irrelevant right now, and people are unsure whose side they're really on, though they're more honourable than you'd expect?

The Yeti -- a bit hairy and funny-looking, but once you get to know them you see they're animated by a great intelligence (or is that one just me?)

The Autons -- a horde of mindless drones knocking (possibly a bit too hard) on [del]doors[/del] windows [del]and delivering leaflets[/del] in the service of a malevolent force that is nothing like themselves. (That one would have been funnier if blogger had allowed the HTML through...)

The Master -- usually bearded (though a recent reinvention seems to have changed that). Constantly plans for world domination, but never quite succeeds. Often allied with unsuitable characters who predictably betray him, at which point he has to turn to his old enemy for help.

The Abzorbaloff -- tendency to absorb smaller entities (the SDP, the Whigs and Peelites), dangerously obsessed with Doctor Who...

Andrew Hickey said...
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