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Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 3309: Captain Clegg Leads the Agenda – Mr Balloon is Labour's Mini-Me


If you want something doing, ask a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT.

Last week, Captain Clegg put the Prime Monster in a tight spot about the Iraq inquiry and now Mr Frown finds he'll be facing questions and answering for his actions BEFORE not AFTER the Election.

This week, Captain Clegg skewered Mr Frown AGAIN, with a timely question about the Royal Bank-that-we-own of Scotland funding the foreign takeover of yet another British institution.

And all Mr Balloon can do meanwhile is COPY Lord Blairimort and bring up his very own "Jamie Bulger case" as "proof" that Great Britain is "broken". Again.

Frankly, this "broken Britain" guff is beyond BORING and getting INSULTING. If you WANT to see a "broken" country… go and look at HAITI.

When Lord Blairimort seized on the tragic fate of little Jamie Bulger, it was with the express purpose of reinventing Hard Labour as a party that sounded tough on crime, sounded tough on the causes of crime; it was about taking a perceived weakness and turning it into a strength.

Obviously it was not just WICKED and MANIPULATIVE to use a horrible – but extremely RARE – crime for personal political gain, it was also a TOTAL FLUFFING DISASTER for law and order in Great Britain, because it led directly to a decade of Hard Labour Home Secretaries trying to appear MACHO in order to outflank the Conservatories ever further to the RIGHT. As a result, far from being the person who makes Britain feel SAFER, the Home Secretary has seen it as his or her job to SCARE people more and more and more. And look where THAT'S got us!

The Conservatories have merrily followed Hard Labour out there, clearly with the idea that "opposition" means "the same but more so". In contrast to Hard Labour though, they are ALREADY the "hang 'em and flog 'em" party – so, when Mr Balloon tries to get tough, far from being a clever piece of repositioning, he is singing to the choir, he is preaching to the converted, he is giving them some of what they want. Rather than reaching out to a wider electorate, it is his OWN SIDE he needs to convince. He is speaking from a position of WEAKNESS.

After messing up the marriage bribe policy and with his recent run of poor performance in the House, is the HEAT starting to get to him? We've seen it happen before, remember, when Mr Frown first became Prime Monster and before the election-that-never-was, a wobble over Grandma Schools turned into a full blown melt-down. And here he is, propping up to old, failed, Conservatory Core Vote strategy all over again.

He's not EVEN announcing any policies that would address monstrous events like this. Do not get me wrong, I think that the Government is already FAR TOO intrusive and NANNYING, but if Mr Balloon's speech is:
"We should stop this sort of thing! Something must be done! And I for one will make sure that the Government does LESS to stop it!"
…then someone needs to check his logic circuits.

This isn't opposition; this is HECKLING.

You've seen it all before, but once again the REAL opposition to this frightening Hard Labour Government – and their Conservatory Mini-Me – is coming from the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS.

You can see it in the way that Mr Frown's hand was forced, so that he wrote to the Chilcot Inquiry saying he was ready to face them sooner, lest people start to ask awkward questions about why he's getting special treatment.

You can see it from the way that Mr Brendan Barber, Head of the TUC, is respecting Captain Clegg for pointing out that the Government itself was helping to fund food megacorp Kraftwerk's takeover of British confectioner and bastion of good business practice Cadbury's. A genuine case of Mr Frown being as effective as a CHOCOLATE CHASTITY BELT. (Actually, I don't know what that means, but I heard it on Blackadder and it sounds good.)

You can see it with the Conservatories too. When their Ms Caroline "Magic" Spellman was on Questionable Time asked about Conservatory married couple tax allowance policy, she wasn't responding to Hard Labour's Mr Liam "Father Dick" Burn but to Captain Clegg's arguments that it PENALISES BEREAVED and ABANDONED mothers and offers no help to families who aren't RICH enough for one parent to quit work.

They're not just LOVE-BOMBING us; they are FRIGHTENED of us, because they know that we are SERIOUS and they know that we are spotting the BIG ISSUES and getting the answers RIGHT.

I don't need to remind you that Mr Dr Vince "the Power" Cable was first to warn about the BUBBLE BURSTING; AND that he was RIGHT to say that the Banks needed cutting down to size. Even the President of Americaland is on board with THAT one now!

But perhaps you've forgotten that we were FIRST to spot MR Frown's ten pence tax takeaway, hitting the poor to give a tax break to the better off. No wonder Mr Balloon is so keen to COPY him!

On issue after issue, from Green Taxes to Gurkahs (Captain Clegg was campaigning for them more than a year before Mr Balloon jumped aboard) the Liberal Democrats are right there, leading the way, not necessarily taking the POPULAR choices, but making the RIGHT ONES.

Yes, even on Iraq. It seems very FASHIONABLE nowadays, especially among a certain class of Conservatory commentator, to say that our opposition to the illegal Middle Eastern invasion was "populist". As though the Craven Conservatories in Parliament – including Mr Balloon – who voted to go along with Lord Blairimort's war were somehow doing the BRAVE thing. They were not.

The Country WAS divided, but the majority (slightly) were FOR the War. Despite a million people marching to say "not in my name" the "popular" option was to to support the invasion. And the Liberal Democrats took a hit in the opinion polls too. But we didn't oppose the war to be "popular". We didn't, like Mr Balloon and his chums, just jump on the bandwagon, cheering the Hard Labour warmongers on, and never mind the evidence – not Mr Alistair Henchman's made-up dossiers, the REAL evidence that Mr Hans Blix and Bumsidaisy was finding (or rather NOT finding) in Iraq. No, we opposed the war because it was WRONG. And now a LOT of people can see that, and they agree with us.

Do we get everything right? No, of course not. But you've got to admit a PRETTY GOOD batting average.

Start with your PRINCIPLES. Consider the EVIDENCE. State your policy CLEARLY and PLAINLY. Explain the costs. Make your CASE. And in the end, most people see that you got it RIGHT.

That's why the Liberal Democrats are setting the agenda for 2010.


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