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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 3082: Oh so NOW he believes in Electoral Reform!


It is Prime Monster's Questionable Time today and I hope that Lib Dem Leader Captain Clegg will take the opportunity to WELCOME Mr Frown's late arrival at the Reform Club, remind him that ALL Parties say that the time to SEIZE the opportunity is now, and therefore ASK if the Prime Monster will join him in calling for Parliament to cancel their summer holidays and stay sitting until reform is really, really sorted.

It's a GENUINE offer; a chance for the Prime Monster not to look like a numpty and a splendid way to drag Mr Balloon along too.

This is our chance to TAKE BACK POWER!

I was very depressed at the thought that Mr Frown's salvation meant that the reform agenda's goose was cooked, but this latest WHEEZE to reinvent himself as Mr Progressive MIGHT just open the door to fair votes, whether Mr Frown intends it or not. It's all about taking the INITIATIVE and getting some MOMENTUM behind the project so that, with public support, it becomes deeply EMBARRASSING for Mr Frown OR Mr Balloon to be seen to be holding it back.

We've got to watch out for the OBVIOUS efforts of people who want to DERAIL the reform process too.

I've heard people say we shouldn't have PR because that was to blame for the two BNP candidates getting elected to the Euro Parliament in the vote last Thursday. Well presumably they would say that the three BNP local councillors who ALSO elected last Thursday mean we shouldn't use First Pass the Port EITHER.

Face it, the BNP got elected because a LOT of people chose to vote for RACISTS, and A LOT MORE people DIDN'T BOTHER to vote at all. Beating the extremists should NOT be about putting a FIX on the election with a bad voting system; it should be about persuading people that it matters that they vote so that we can beat them IN A FAIR FIGHT.

Though throwing eggs at BNP Leader Mr Nick Slytherin is very funny quite, quite wrong. Ahem.

So let us go out there and see if we cannot convince the Prime Monster that reform isn't just INEVITABLE, but very much something that HE CAN BE A PART OF!

And then later this afternoon we can vote to have a General Election anyway!
I did wonder, the other day, if Mr Johnson & Johnson hadn't done some kind of DEAL with Mr Frown where Mr Frown agrees to some (limited) electoral reform for a General Election next year in return for which Mr Johnson & Johnson agrees to be Home Secretary and not force a General Election next WEEK!


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