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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 2846: Government Drops Dead Donkey: You May Resume Flirting By E-Mail (whatever THAT means).


Hooray! A small step forwards for our Civil Liberties as the Government offers "consultation" on its scheme to keep a record of every e-mail ever (presumably just in case Osama Bin Liner is either a Nigerian prince with cashflow difficulties, offering to donate one cent towards the treatment of a little baby with heart disease for every forward, or purveyor of the best herbal high on the Internet).

Does anyone see a PATTERN developing here?


Anonymous said...

Millennium, you are the most perspicacious of elephants.

martin said...

And now Metric is saved

it's almost like a well-practicsed spinner or two has rejoined the Government.

martin said...

Sorry, I meant IMPERIAL was saved DOH!